Adrafinil vs Modafinil

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Adrafinil reached the market in 1984 and was used to treat sleep disorders and work shift disorder. It is a precursor drug to Modafinil, meaning that it is metabolized in the body to produce Modafinil. However, because of the stress [...]

The Effects of Modafinil on Fertility

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A lot has been said about Modafinil. For those without in-depth understanding of the smart substance in question, it's perhaps the current world's most reliable mind enhancer. It's internationally used for cognitive enhancement - chiefly as a wakefulness-promoting agent and [...]

Armodafinil Vs NZT-48

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Armodafinil Vs NZT-48 As enantiopure compound derived from Modafinil – a highly potent eugeroic used for cognitive-enhancing purposes – Armodafinil sounds something close to the real deal. A product formally endorsed by the United States Food and Drug Administration in [...]

Natural Alternatives to Modafinil

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You can never go wrong with a top-notch nootropical pill. It’s particularly so for folks looking for unsurpassed cognitive boost for enhanced intellectual productivity – and at reasonable rates. And you really got a reason to smile if Modafinil happens [...]

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